Why did I choose to compete? Well I still ask myself this today. I needed a big goal , I needed something to pull me back into my love for fitness.


At the time when I decided to look into competing, I was sat a home feeding my second child who was only about 3 months old at the time. I was reading a magazine about a lady who was 24 and just won her first Bikini comp. I was so jealous! She looked incredible, as I sat there reading this I thought, I could do that. So I kept looking at different women's physiques and how I imagined I could look. 

From that day I trained from home. It killed me after having my little girl, every session I would beat myself up thinking just give up. But, after not giving in I transformed myself, still training from home, I got my body back. If anything I was much leaner than I was before. This wasn't just a couple months of training, I trained hard for a year! I was so impressed that I sent my photo's to a Coach, who I asked 'would I have potential to compete'. The answer was yes...

From then on I spent 16 weeks building muscle and working on areas that needed improvement. This 16 weeks of Prep was hardest thing I have ever done! From prepping meals,calorie counting and trying to lose fat in places where it would just not go. But I didn't give up, I wanted this so bad. I was out of my comfort zone, against others that wanted just the same as me. My first ever competition, and I won!!! I smashed it, I thought to myself, WOW, I've done it. 

I enjoyed it, loved it, but didn't give myself quite the credit I should of. So this was my only regret, and one I won't make again.


Since May 2016, I haven't stopped. I have kept working on myself enjoying a sustainable, fit and healthy lifestyle. I realised that it was impossible to be in stage ready condition all year round. life is about balance and being able to still enjoy yourself but also learning what is a healthy enjoyment level. I love training so much, it is a therapy for me. I love being a fit Mum, an inspiration to all the women that I train, I could never give it up. 

So what's next for me?

I have decided to compete again. I will be doing my Pro Debut on November 3rd 2018 with the WBFF.

Please follow my new journey to the Pro Show in London this year. Links are below to my social media pages. I hope I can inspire others to reach out to their big dreams. You can only go for it.

Thank you for visiting. 

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