sian bates

I am a Mum of two beautiful girls, a Personal Trainer, Online Coach, and a Fitness Class Instructor for Women only... 

A busy life it may seem but I love every second! I am keen to help as many women as I can to regain their confidence, live as Healthy and Happy as possible. 

Through my time being a Personal Trainer, I have been through many challenges.. 2 Pregnancies (of course top of the list) , re-gaining my fitness level, weight loss , muscle gain, 10k runs, half marathon, Crossfit, Olympic lifting, Body building, Bikini Competition, fat loss...

I suppose the list goes on and on. With this said, through the experience of challenging myself and challenging all my clients , I believe that Women are so much stronger than you think. 

I can happily say I practice what I preach

All though life can be a big enough challenge itself, I live with the attitude that only you can make changes. That's why I am here today wanting to continually strive for more and help other Women do the same.

Many years ago now I also seeked for guidance from a professional. As it turned out what I was eating and drinking was never going to get me where I wanted to be. I wasn't confident with the way I looked then and I wanted to know why?? So, I found out. This could turn into a long story but cutting it short, I learnt what I needed to do, how I needed to make changes and most importantly why I needed to do this! From that day I gave it my all. After the time had past, the way I felt about myself was so much better , I had more energy to look after my little girl's, the work I was putting into exercise was paying off, and I became a much more confident Trainer.

So, GUESS WHAT? I never looked back!

Here I stand today, proud of every journey , learnt so much , and I want to guide other Women , Mum's to accomplish the same. 

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